Re: fldigi wx macros

WA7SKG <wa7skg@...>

Recently the METAR data the WX macro uses changed from http to https. This broke the WX macro. You will have to wait until someone fixes it and the new script is incorporated into a new release of fldigi. No idea on when this may happen, next week, next month, next year? Keep an eye out for fldigi updates and check the release notes/changelog for the fix.

Michael WA7SKG

kerry wrote on 2/15/19 10:05:

Recently my fldigi weather macros have stopped working.  They have been working fine, now I get a message that says info might be found at a specific url but won't work in the fldigi macro.  All my friends are having the same problem...…...looking for a fix...…………..tnx..wa2nan = Kerry@...

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