Re: Getting up to speed on operating with fldigi?

Andrew OBrien <k3ukandy@...>

and Frank, with the 7300 you have all kinds of help available... lots of YouTube videos for setting that up for digital modes.  You may find that the "USB Mode Level" varies with different  digital mode software and sometimes different modes.  A USB Mode Level setting in the 7300 may be set really nicely where you are getting good power out and no ALC visible , but switching modes or software may result in some ALC being introduced or power output being lower.  Keep an eye on things at first.   My personal view is that you should not view most digital modes as low power modes.  There is nothing wrong in having 100 watts output using FT8, JT65A, JS8 , FSQcall,  PSK, MFSK, Olivia, etc, etc.  As long as your ALC is set correctly (and you are not transmitting LONG messages via slow modes ) .  Modes like Opera, WSPR, WOLF, Jason, DFCW, and other QQRS modes are the modes where LOW power IS expected on HF.   
Andy K3UK

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