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We have changed the recommended procedure for NBEMS. Instead of beaconing, just call CQ (or CQ EM in a real emergency), or CQ NBEMS. This also gives a station a signal to tune in, and it is a little easier to tune in a PSK63 signal than a MFSK16 signal. Then when a stations answers, you ask him to beacon. This will verify that he also has the NBEMS software, or he obviously will not be able to send a beacon. It will also result in his callsign automatically displaying in your flarq and you can then press Connect when it does. When your flarq shows "Connected", you can proceed to send a message or a file.

Unless conditions appear to be very bad, try first calling CQ in PSK63, and if copy appears to be pretty good, you can try a transfer with flarq using ARQ and PSK63. If there is consistent QRN, MFSK16 might still be the best alternative on HF, but with the slowest transfer times.

Solid print when using PSK63 will often mean that PSK125 can be used successfully on HF, except when there is a high level of repetitive static crashes.

73 Skip KH6TY
NBEMS Develepment Team

For the rest of you, I WILL ALSO BEACON TODAY AT NOON CST (1800z). Same
details, MFSK16. After establishing contact, I will ask if you want to
go to PSK125, the fastest mode available in my NBEMS software, for the
file transfer.

Beaconing with a slow mode gives enough time to tune in. Beaconing with
PSK125 doesn't give time to tune in the signal, especially if you beacon
further apart than 15 seconds. That's my experience. Looking forward to
copying someone. I will have a 4KByte com file, TED.COM, ready to
transmit for the test.

Travis Hardin KE3Y
Huntsville, Alabama

tim.n4um wrote:

Hello everybody. I'm a real newbie at NBEMS but would like to become
more familiar with it. I'll make a special effort to be on 10.137 plus
1.5 audio at 0100Z for the next week or so. I'll be beaconing on
MFSK. I can't make it this evening but will be on beginning tomorrow
night (Tuesday night EST). If you'd like to set up a sked for some
other time and frequency please e-mail me.

Tim, N4UM

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