Re: Getting up to speed on operating with fldigi?


On 2/13/19 3:04 PM, Frank wrote:
On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 11:50 AM, Ed W3NR wrote:
Use the arrow buttons to adjust the power.
That was pretty clear, I was wondering what would be an average numeric value for that ATTN window to bring the rig's 100 watts down to ~30 watts. Based on watching the IC-7300's Power Out bar graph while transmitting, it appears as though -7.6 dB in FLdigi's TX level attenuator window should put me somewhere around 30 watts. If that sounds wildly different from what other people use for a transceiver of this class, that would be interesting to know.

I tried responding to a CQ, and logged my first PSK31 QSO -- actually with an op who is only about 10 miles away. With more distant hams, I typically see a lot of gibberish characters mixed into the text (sometimes it's more gibberish than text). Is that common? I think the transceiver and antenna are pretty decent. Anything else to tweak within FLdigi? Or is noise due to band conditions and so on just part of life?

Adjust the slider on the right side just above the SQL button.

This may answer a lot of your questions::


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