Re: Getting up to speed on operating with fldigi?


On 2/13/19 1:50 PM, Frank wrote:
Andy, great demo of the RS ID capability. I have FLdigi running on 14.070 at the moment and just toggled that on.

I've been getting some great help from people here both on and off the list. I also found the YouTube videos posted on K4REF's YouTube account helpful, though I see they're about three years old now so the menus are slightly different. I have my macros customized and have been monitoring some QSOs to get a feel for how they go.

The one last detail I need to sort out before trying to transmit is how to set the power level with my configuration. I'm using an Icom IC-7300, and have a single USB cable between it and my Mac laptop for both CAT rig control and USB CODEC audio transfer. The standard practice with WSJT-X is to leave RF Power on the rig set to 100%, and dial the power up or down with a slider in the WSJT-X app. At this point I'm not sure yet how to do that with FLdigi. I've done some web searches but have seen conflicting advice, including some that seems to relate to soundcard settings that aren't applicable in my case. If anyone has a quick answer on this one I'd be much obliged.

Just under the Store Lck buttons is the ATTN, it dors what you want.


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