Re: Getting up to speed on operating with fldigi?

Andrew OBrien <k3ukandy@...>

Frank,  FYI... I left my rig on 14070 today with RS ID turned on for receive and I received the fllowing modes

22:09:09 UTC ALE400            2514 Hz
21:42:23 UTC CONTESTIA-8-250   2185 Hz
21:36:40 UTC CONTESTIA-8-250   2573 Hz
21:26:46 UTC CONTESTIA-8-250   2314 Hz
21:21:05 UTC CONTESTIA-8-250   2519 Hz
21:18:41 UTC OLIVIA-8-500      2309 Hz
21:18:35 UTC CONTESTIA-8-250   2314 Hz
21:14:35 UTC OLIVIA-8-500      2309 Hz
21:08:37 UTC OLIVIA-8-500      2314 Hz
21:06:20 UTC OLIVIA-8-500      2304 Hz
19:55:46 UTC OLIVIA-4-250      1458 Hz
18:06:44 UTC BPSK31            1798 Hz
17:59:50 UTC CONTESTIA-8-250   2492 Hz
16:09:15 UTC OLIVIA-16-500     2384 Hz
15:05:19 UTC MFSK16            2147 Hz
15:00:26 UTC MFSK16            2153 Hz

Andy K3UK

On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 6:01 PM Doug K7KY <k7ky@...> wrote:
Frank... IC you live on the west coast.  You can learn about handling NBEMS traffic by monitoring the ORCA DIGITAL NET on Tues evenings, 1930p/0330z, on 3.581+1500, MFSK-32.  You will eventually need to install FLMSG & FLAMP to participate, but you can learn a lot about digital net operations by monitoring. ORCA closely follows Amateur Directed net protocols.  Monitor a few sessions and you will know if ORCA is right for your interest.  Whatever skills you learn here will do you well in all digital operations; you don't have to work digital traffic to benefit.  Doug K7KY

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