Re: Getting up to speed on operating with fldigi?

Andrew OBrien <k3ukandy@...>

Welcome to the world of digital modes outside of FT8. Other than FT8 there are a few common modes that FLdigi can decode . 

CW is so-so because it depends on the transmitting station to send almost perfect CW, many operators sending with their own fist cause poor copy. 

If you switch to PSK31, you will likely find stations operating around 14070 USB 7070 ISN , and 3854 USB

On weekends there is a lot of RTTY around 14088 to 14125 USB because of weekend contests . On weekdays, not a lot of activity unless a major DXpedition is active ..

Olivia 500/8 can be heard from time to time around 14073 USB  and 7073 USB.  Nets for NBEMS are usually in the evening around 3580 to 3585 USB.

Other likely modes are HELL, MFSK16, and THOR. Not common, these days . Fldigi supports Reed-Solomon identification. This automatically identifies some modes IF you turn it on for receive and if the other station activates it when they begin a transmission. Problems is, many do not use it . 
There are other modes that are common but not available in FLdigi . They are ALE, PACTOR, Winmor , and VARA. These modes are mostly used for mail handling . 

To begin with, I suggest PSK31, RTTY, and Olivia . Upper Side Band is issue for all the above modes regardless of frequency /band . Except RTTY where convention dictates that LSB is used .

You can Google my Quick and Dirty Guide to Digital Modes . It is a very old guide , but might be of some use . 

Andy K3UK. 

On Feb 11, 2019, at 11:18 AM, Frank <gio@...> wrote:

I got my ham license just under a year ago, started using FT8 with WSJT-X exclusively, and managed to get DXCC done in about seven months. Now I'm interested in using fldigi to expand into other modes.

I have fldigi-4.1.00 installed on my MacBook Pro running Mojave, and since my IC-7300 was already set up for digital it seems to be talking to fldigi successfully (changing frequency on either changes it on the other, etc). So far I've browsed around a little with listening to CW, which seemed somewhat successful although the decodes exhibited a lot of noise.

Beyond that, I'm trying to figure out what to do next. Most of the tutorials I've run across seem to focus more on setup/configuration rather than operating. Is there anything good to read, or videos to look at, besides the essentials in the beginner's guide at For example, as just one question, what are the modes most popular with fldigi users these days, and where in the bands would I look for them?

Thanks and 73,

Frank k6fod

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