Re: flmsg alpha

Mike P.


--- Mike, AE7XB

On 1 Jan 2019 at 22:03, Dave wrote:

flmsg hands off the entire data stream to fldigi.  Abort the
transmission using the fldigi T/R button.


On 1/1/19 7:24 PM, Mike P. wrote:
Dave, good compile on flmsg- alpha.

A double-click on the autosend only giveS one instance
of a message transmission, as it should.

However, deliberately clicking on the autosend stacks
up multiple instances of the message in the transmit
buffer. I believe that once the autosend has buffered
the message for transmission, the autosend button
should change into an "Abort" button, in which the user
can cleanly cancel his transmission.

Flamp has a very nice abort function; an option which
would greatly benefit flmsg.


--- Mike, AE7XB

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