Super large FLDIGI modes test

Daniel Miranda

Hi, everyone. I have just finished testing more than 7000 combinations of FLDIGI's digital modes, Linsim's profiles and white noise. It took about four days for my notebook to process what probably amounts to several weeks worth of audio.

The results are inĀ (no need to download anything or run code, just scroll down to see the results). If you find mistakes, please file issues on GitHub.

To make this project possible, I implemented new functionality in FLDIGI (new macros, see my changes at and Linsim (command line arguments, bug fixes, see my changes at and I found a few bugs in the process. If the developers want to merge the changes upstream, please fell free to do so, and let me know if I can help in the process.

I already explained the project I am working in some time ago. These tests are helping me make more informed choices of digital modes before my schedule allows me to travel to implement it.


P.S.: example plots attached. See github page for the full data, including the raw datapoints.

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