Re: Which sound device should I use with fldigi?

David Ranch

I'd recommend NONE of the above.  Don't use the internal sound card with your laptop as you'll have issues with "Windows" sounds playing over the airwaves.  You can easily add another sound device to your computer:


There are lots of quality sound devices for use with Fldigi that will make things more reliable, simple, etc.

   above Syba soundcard and an EasyDigi isolation kit: +$10
   Inexpensive USB soundcard solutions w/o isolation: xggcomms (for example): $60
   Signalink w/ isolation and cable: $105
   Rigblaster Advantage - $200
   Timewave Navigator - $375

   and there are MANY other examples out there.  All depends on your budget, needs, wants

If you *must* use the laptop's internal sound device, you'll want to use the "b" option for both the capture and playback as you listed in your original email.

For CAT control, none of those are data ports.. you've only listed audio devices.  What radio do you have?  From there, the group can recommend options.


On 11/10/2018 09:57 AM, George wrote:
My Lenovo T400 think pad laptop offers the following options:
1.  Capture  
MME devices a.)  Microsoft Sound mapper – input  b.)microphone (Realtec High Def Audio)
Windows Direct Sound devices a.)Primary sound capture drivers  b.) Microphone (Realtec High Def Audio)
2.  Playback
MME devices  a.)  Microsoft Sound Mapper – output  b.) Speakers (Realtek High Def)
Windows Direct Sound devices    a.)Primary Sound Drivers  b.)Speakers (Realtek High Def Audio)

Can someone please tell me which ones to use for rig CAT control?  I really don't understand why so the laptop needs so many sound devices! HI

73, George, K4EOR

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