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I cannot emphasize this any more vigorously ... DO NOT USE WINDOWS NOTEPAD ... it mangles end-of-line character sequences ... especially on the antique operating system WINDOWS-XP.

Instead, use the built in macro editor that is integral to fldigi.

If you insist on using an external text editor, then you should install either "Geany", or "NotePad++", both excellent text editors that do not mangle the file contents.

73, David, W1HKJ

On 11/7/18 5:25 PM, Randy wrote:

Thanks!  I’ll look at that.  I have continued experimenting with this and I believe the end of line/ line return format within my macros is causing the problem I have.  Minor changes to a working macro will create random operation until I again methodically format the text within the macro.  I’m using WinXP and Notepad.



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Hi Andy,

Probably your best route is to use an external script  that accesses FLdigi’s XML-RPC interface.

I’ve written a beacon timing script in Perl that changes the mode and transmits the beacon. Its deployed on several stations and is rock solid. 

Sean VE6SAR 

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