Re: Fldigi

501_Andy_VE4PER <ve4per@...>

check here to get your rigs file and then put it in thew rigs folder on your PC then go to fldigi config anf select it as the rig to use.

I spent a few extra mins and just downloaded all the rigs files so I can use my laptop with any deployed installation as it were.
cheers & 73

On Thu, 2018-11-01 at 08:31 -0600, Brennan Long wrote:
Hello, new to this group. It said that this is for FLDIGI. I have a ft991 and it hooks up fine with WSJTX but not fldigi. If someone has a FT991 with fldigi will you please send me the settings at k6bfl456@....
73 k6bfl

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