Re: Automating FLDIGI From Another Application

WA7SKG <wa7skg@...>

I have had good results with several <$10 USB sound dongles and fldigi. For some local ARES training/demonstrations, I have used a scanner and plugged the external speaker jack into a cheap USB sound dongle and run fldigi on the computer to display the traffic between stations.

I have also used a couple Baofengs set to VOX through USB sound dongles for training and demonstrations. Also works well with SSTV. For those, I use the cable sold for APRS (Google Baofeng APRS TRRS cable) through a TRRS> dual 3.5mm adapter > USB sound dongle. TRRS cables are used with smartphones with APRSDroid and various SSTV apps.

I find using the USB dongle easier than the built in sound card in laptops to avoid conflicts with the various computer sounds.

Michael WA7SKG

kk5it@... wrote on 09/29/2018 05:32 PM:

Any recommendations for sound card interfaces that may work well for anyone of the hams on our course that would like to also receive the files, but may not have an interface like a SignaLink?

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