Automating FLDIGI From Another Application


Please forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, but I did not see it. Can FLDIGI (once configured of course), be automated by specifying something like the path to the executable and one or more arguments for sending a csv file?

The scenario is for an event we support tracking 100 runners. The net control station has a laptop they do tracking on in Excel. The race team built a macro that generates a web page from the data and uploads it to the race website so crew and support staff can track runners via internet. Where we are there on the course, there is no cellular/internet service so I was wondering if I could setup something and build it into the same macro they use as an extra step that could call FLDIGI, send the file, and close FLDIGI.

Otherwise, I am guessing I could just update their Excel macro to also output a csv file and then build a macro in FLDIGI usingĀ <FILE:> and then let net control to pick the csv outputted by Excel to send?

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