Re: Using FLDIGI with Vertex VX-1700

Daniel Miranda

Status update on the project:

1. Following KI6ZHD's suggestion, we retrieved the original base station licenses, pictures of the certificates stamps on the radios, and the applicable legislation (as far as I could find). My friend forwarded the documents to a telecommunications engineer to get a professional opinion. He replied that the licenses cover the intended use, so we're good to go.
2. My friend did not have time to test W1HKJ's XML for rig control yet. We were busy with the station license research.
3. I've been studying to get a HAM license since I first had an "email qso" with W1HKJ. I felt very welcome, and it would be nice to be a registered member of the community.
4. I may have found a bug with FLDIGI's "test signals". I neither see the noise on the waterfall, nor the noise is recorded when I use "TX generate". If anyone can reproduce this please let me know, so that I can file a proper bug report. I'm using version 4.0.18 compiled from the source tarball on Ubuntu 18.04 with the options --enable-optimizations=native --with-flxmlrpc --with-pulseaudio. I'm using linsim in the meantime.

If all goes well, I am looking forward to the first short-range transmissions in October, and maybe a first remote deployment by December.


Em seg, 24 de set de 2018 às 11:59, Daniel Miranda <dumper.dam@...> escreveu:

Thank you so much Dave! I was digging into the documentation for FT-857 and VX-1700 as I received your e-mail!

I have contacted my friend, he will get back to me as soon as he has the time to test this.


Em seg, 24 de set de 2018 às 09:09, Dave <w1hkj@...> escreveu:

I have created a rigcat transceiver control definition file, VX1700.xml, for your friend to test.  The file is attached.  I have also attached a Yaesu pdf document that contains the CAT command and H/W setup required to use CAT with the VX1700.  He is probably already aware of the need to set internal jumpers for CAT / GPS use.  Both use the same rear panel DATA port.

On Linux:
  • copy the vx1700.xml file to the directory $HOME/.fldigi/rigs/
  • start fldigi and configure the transceiver control to use RIGCAT
  • The control parameters will be read from the vx1700.xml file, but can be modified if necessary
    I did not find any requirements for setting either DTR or RTS in the Yaesu CAT document.
  • Make sure that the "Use RigCAT" control is selected
  • Open the fldigi events dialog (Help / Events) and set the recording level to DEBUG.
  • and then press the "Initialize" button.

The serial port initialization and serial i/o should be recorded in the event log.  That log is also written to the file


If necessary I could log on to your friends computer using Team Viewer.

73, David, W1HKJ

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