Re: Using FLDIGI with Vertex VX-1700



I have created a rigcat transceiver control definition file, VX1700.xml, for your friend to test.  The file is attached.  I have also attached a Yaesu pdf document that contains the CAT command and H/W setup required to use CAT with the VX1700.  He is probably already aware of the need to set internal jumpers for CAT / GPS use.  Both use the same rear panel DATA port.

On Linux:
  • copy the vx1700.xml file to the directory $HOME/.fldigi/rigs/
  • start fldigi and configure the transceiver control to use RIGCAT
  • The control parameters will be read from the vx1700.xml file, but can be modified if necessary
    I did not find any requirements for setting either DTR or RTS in the Yaesu CAT document.
  • Make sure that the "Use RigCAT" control is selected
  • Open the fldigi events dialog (Help / Events) and set the recording level to DEBUG.
  • and then press the "Initialize" button.

The serial port initialization and serial i/o should be recorded in the event log.  That log is also written to the file


If necessary I could log on to your friends computer using Team Viewer.

73, David, W1HKJ

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