Re: Using FLDIGI with Vertex VX-1700

David Ranch

Hello Daniel,

Well, I would encourage you to make sure that running digital modes on those other frequencies is allowed from the local government(s) and for the operators there.  Assuming they are and you're just starting out, you can either easily build yourself a soundcard setup for cheap but if you lack the skills, time, patience, you could opt for a ready to go soundcard setup like this:

   $115 -
   $5 -

Regardless of the HW you setup, I *do* recommend to run a different sound card than whatever is built into your desired computer.  Too many issues come up with trying to reuse one sound device for all things.  Audio Levels get messed up, notification sounds go over RF by accident, etc.

You can see lower down in the following URL that most Yaesu radios are listed as supported:

I tried checking in the Yaesu / Vertex VX1700 manual that the pinouts are identical with say the Yaesu FT857 but the manuals there don't have any pinout details:

  - NOTE: I see that 9-pin serial connection is NOT labeled for CAT control, it's labeled for GPS for SELCALL support.  The URL that W1HKJ posted includes instructions that you have to open up the radio and flip two DIP switches to get CAT control to work.  Kinda a pain but at least it looks possible.

Anyway.. I'm quite sure this will work for you but if you're going to make all this pretty "fool proof", I recommend you get a test VX1700 radio, a soundcard like this, and a test computer to run Fldigi on.  Fldigi will work fine on anything from a Raspberry Pi, an X86-based tablet (not an ARM processor based one), or any laptop running Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Btw.. no need to us VOX.. the above Signalink unit will do the PTT for you but it doesn't include a serial port for rig control. 


On 09/22/2018 07:27 PM, Daniel Miranda wrote:
Hello, David! Thanks for the suggestion!

 If I have to give up rig control, I was thinking about configuring vox. I would need only one cable, no active components and everything would be simpler. Fldigi supports introducing a tone before the main transmission which would be ideal for that.

I feel a little awkward asking for help here because I have no ham experience and I don't even have a callsign (I don't legally need a license since I'm not the one operating the radios :-)). But I am trying to help a worthy cause, so thanks for your input and your patience.


Em sáb, 22 de set de 2018 22:38, David Ranch <linuxham-fld@...> escreveu:

Hello Daniel,

Regardless of rig control, Fldigi should work just fine with that radio as it looks like a regular Yaesu radio from it's back side.  Connecting the the DATA jack to a sound card for audio IN/OUT and using a serial port's RTS pin through a three part transistor circuit should work fine.


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