Re: Using FLDIGI with Vertex VX-1700

Daniel Miranda

Hello, David! Thanks for the suggestion!

 If I have to give up rig control, I was thinking about configuring vox. I would need only one cable, no active components and everything would be simpler. Fldigi supports introducing a tone before the main transmission which would be ideal for that.

I feel a little awkward asking for help here because I have no ham experience and I don't even have a callsign (I don't legally need a license since I'm not the one operating the radios :-)). But I am trying to help a worthy cause, so thanks for your input and your patience.


Em sáb, 22 de set de 2018 22:38, David Ranch <linuxham-fld@...> escreveu:

Hello Daniel,

Regardless of rig control, Fldigi should work just fine with that radio as it looks like a regular Yaesu radio from it's back side.  Connecting the the DATA jack to a sound card for audio IN/OUT and using a serial port's RTS pin through a three part transistor circuit should work fine.


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