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I am excited to see this comment about AndFlmsg. This is the first I have heard of it. There is a readily available cable intended for APRS to connect the Baofeng to a Smartphone via the TRRS jack on the phone. It works great for SSTV also and should work with AndFlmsg.

My Galaxy Smartphone has an adapter from the Mini-USB to a USB-A connector allowing you to hook up to USB devices like printers, scanners, etc. Does anyone know if there is an app that will allow you to use this to connect to a soundcard equipped radio like the IC-7300 or IC-7100? This would be huge for emergency situations.

tnx es 73,
Michael WA7SKG

Oliver K6OLI wrote on 09/20/2018 04:12 PM:

I enjoy NBEMS, we use it and train with it regularly because it is reliable, flexible and easy to use. At the Statewide Medical Health Exercise last year one of our operators took his Android phone with AndFlmsg and a Baofeng UV5R handheld, went to an upper floor of the hospital he was assigned to and sent us an ICS-213 simplex. The point was to prove that we could do it if that were all we had and it worked.
David W1HKJ has created an incredibly powerful tool for EMCOMM with NBEMS and we are forever in his debt.
Oliver K6OLI

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