Re: Narrow Band Emergency Messages

Doug K7KY

John & the net...  Every Tuesday evening, 0330z, 3.581+1500, MFSK-32, ORCA DIGITAL NET. 

Early Ck-in 0315z.  It's best to monitor the net a few weeks and read the Quick Start Guide @ the website. The net is organized for traffic practice and brisk. We use FLDIGI, FLMSG, & FLAMP every week.  The bands have been difficult lately, w/o much long skip, but every now & then we get a far eastern ck-in.

Most members are west coast and east to UT & ID.  My wife Mindy W7ZAP & I NCS the net.  Monitor us a couple weeks and then check-in and practice digital traffic handling with us.  Doug K7KY

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