Multiple Instances of FLDigi and FLMsg


I would like to have multiple instances of FLDigi and FLMsg associated with different radios, on my Windows 7 PC.  At one time I was able to define a Windows shortcut with the following Target line for an Alinco DR-135 radio:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Fldigi-\fldigi.exe" --config-dir "C:\Users\Ed\fldigi-alinco-dr135" --flmsg-dir "C:\Users\Ed\NBEMS-alinco-dr135" --arq-server-port 7332 -ti ALINCO_DR-135

FLDigi would use the "--config-dir" path for the unique FLDigi configuration, and the "--flmsg-dir" path for the unique FLMsg files.  The current version of FLDigi and FLMsg don't seem to recognize or use the "--flmsg-dir" path.  All of the files end up in "C:\Users\Ed\NBEMS.files".

Is anyone running multiple instances of FLDigi and FLMsg?  Have you configured FLDigi for each radio with unique directory paths?  If so, can you explain how you launch FLDigi and FLMsg?

Thanks & 73,

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