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Don Poaps

Here in BC we use Winlink. Every 3rd Wednesday we have. Emergency Management BC net. We check in via voice on HF and VHF as well as a Winlink Express Message. 
The only time I would use NBEMS is with Satern, unfortunately the bands are in the toilet. The net is the same time a club function here and it would have to be an emergency 

There use to be some nets from California but these nets conflict with my Salvation Army Schedule 


Don va7qu 
Satern BC
Radio Manager 

On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 13:22 Sarah <n6ope@...> wrote:

Yes!  I'm still relatively new to NBEMS and haven't used it in an emergency yet.  But it seems tailor made for the circumstances you describe.  For example, you could be of great service to your community by being able to send NBEMS messages to provincial** authorities in charge of emergency or first responders or something like the Red Cross.  If nothing else being able to communicate the need for critical medications or provide a detailed status report could really make a difference. 

** being in the US I'm not sure how or if Canadian provinces are broken down into smaller governmental units like a US State breaks down into county governments. 

On 7/16/2018 7:44 AM, John Corby wrote:
Thanks for all the responses. It's good to know that folks are actually using NBEMS. I believe that it has a lot of potential that isn't been utilized. Most people probably think of NBEMS in terms of supporting emergency services during major disasters. But, there is another dimension to it in prepping for personal emergencies. I live in a rural area in southern Ontario that experiences frequent power outages. Often, phone (and internet) lines are down too.  After 24 hours, or thereabouts, cell service deteriorates as backup power drops. That leaves residents isolated. NBEMS has the potential to provide independent messaging, or email, capability until services are restored. This is my principal interest in the technology.

Don Poaps
New Westminster, BC

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