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Hello John,

I have been able to set up and use the suite here and with help of some cooperative emcomm hams in USA managed to create a few useful forms to use locally here for practice. I have a home network and use separate machines to send msgs back and forth to prove they work properly.

I ,like yourself,  have found local hams here reluctant to try both Linux and Windows and/or  the FL suite. The few that are not generally apathetic are more involved in MARS/CFARS  ALE products which include encryption and use ACP MIL Spec type messaging that is not built into the FL suite generally.

I was a RAC EC locally for about a year here in EN09 and on a number of occasions designed and sent practice forms to other EC's to see if they could generate enough participation in their areas to maybe set up local practice exchanges on say 80M nets but got no response back to those efforts either.

I offered to install and clone Linux systems onto thumb drives for them also but was never asked to do so by anyone. I find linux far more challenging than a crossword or sudoko to keep the aging old grey matter elastic. And being senior $$$ savings are immense when it comes to finding software free of the cloud and crazy subscription fees or seat licenses for programs.

There is a bit of a learning curve associated with Linux so many are overwhelmed and just close their ears and put on blinders to prevent having to learn a new OS like linux. In so doing the advantages of having a system that can fully function using just a 64 or 128 GB thumb drive on almost any hardware easily anywhere is lost.

It also has the advantage when developers set up installs of custom ham programs as an example using ppe's that all components and programs are deemed part of the OS install system are updated at the same time and quickly usually.

On updates it usually lists all the components with file sizes and allows you an option to exclude something that might compromise an emcomm program you need to be reliable.

You don't spend endless hours installing and re-installing updates piecemeal only to have an auto windows update delete some needed library file on you. YOU control the timing of installing updates and don't have to worry about $600 extra data overage charges because an auto update was corrupt and kept trying to re-download and reinstall every day on you.

In the ALE world hopes were up to use the TI ez USB sound card because it was expandable, however that idea has been quashed because TI just out of the blue jacked the price up from $99 to well over $250 a cost average hams find objectionable even though they may be civic minded enough to offer their resources in EMER situations.

In short John if we had a net locally here under present propagation condx I would be into it here easily.


Andy, ve4per, EN09

On 2018-07-14 08:55 AM, John Corby wrote:
Is anybody actually using the FL-suite to send and receive messages? I see a lot a discussion here about the software but no references to it's use for sending narrowband emergency messages. I have been quite enthusiastic about the use of NBEMS for exchanging messages - especially during power and phone line outages - but I haven't actually found anybody to exchange messages with. Is anybody else in the same situation, or is this group really a software dscussion group?

John, va3kot, EN93

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