Re: Narrow Band Emergency Messages

Marty Hartwell

Hi John

At time I see discussion of problems related to testing of the systems
and discussion of areas of the country where they are used. Like here
in Middle Tennessee our served agencies don't or aren't at the moment
using tools like Flmesg and it's associated tools to send filled out
forms. However I think if more of the operators were to demo them and
show what can be done there might be more demand. I think if more ops'
were to get some training tools to become more proficient with them to
show what could be done, which means that we as ARES ops' need to learn
on our own and show the heads of county EMA what power there is there
we may be able to get some head way.

I am starting to get my FEMA requirements out of the way first then start on this next agenda item.

Marty kd8bj

On 07/14/2018 08:55 AM, John Corby wrote:
Is anybody actually using the FL-suite to send and receive messages? I see a lot a discussion here about the software but no references to it's use for sending narrowband emergency messages. I have been quite enthusiastic about the use of NBEMS for exchanging messages - especially during power and phone line outages - but I haven't actually found anybody to exchange messages with. Is anybody else in the same situation, or is this group really a software dscussion group?
John, va3kot, EN93

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