Re: Narrow Band Emergency Messages

George Blakeslee


The New Hampshire ARES digital net meets Saturday mornings at 1130 UTC on 3582 KHz with 1500 offset.
We start out with BPSK125.
Practice FLmsg and FLamp Messages are generally exchanged with THOR50x1 or MFSK32.
You are welcome to check in.

73  GB

On Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 9:55 AM, John Corby <va3kot@...> wrote:
Is anybody actually using the FL-suite to send and receive messages? I see a lot a discussion here about the software but no references to it's use for sending narrowband emergency messages. I have been quite enthusiastic about the use of NBEMS for exchanging messages - especially during power and phone line outages - but I haven't actually found anybody to exchange messages with. Is anybody else in the same situation, or is this group really a software dscussion group?

John, va3kot, EN93

George Blakeslee

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