Re: Shortwave Radiogram, 15-18 June 2018

Gary Woods

On Fri, 15 Jun 2018 13:35:58 -0700, you wrote:

No Shortwave Radiogram today Friday at 2030Z presumably due to thunderstorms near the transmitter site in Okeechobee, FL _._,_._,_
They don't have spark gaps and swr fault protection? I mean, zillions
of AM broadcasters don't kill the plates when a thumpest goes by.
My only direct experience is with WGY in Schenectady: spark gap across
the base insulator and a reflected power sensor that interrupts a
driver stage for something under a second to break the arc. They had
to add RF chokes across the guy wire insulators to drain static
buildup from nearby charged clouds, which eliminated annoying carrier
trips from anything other than a direct hit.
I usually listen for the radiogram feeds, but don't always send in a
report; blame it on age and ADD!


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