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Subject re: TS 590SG NO XMIT
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2018 11:35:53 -0400
WEll,  I have the computer fixed and rcve well....Today, I did hear much,  high speed garbage ..No copy.

Now, I've tried everything for xmit with the TS-590SG and nothing...I even downloaded the software for the com port....

I will hook up my Orion and use that next week....

This 590 is a mess with a com and USB.....nothing will make it xmit.... I tried my signalink in the USB  port...rcve  ok
agn  no xmit.....even trying VOX  nothing worked...

Anyone using a TS 590SG  with FLdigi  ?    Tnx  de Skip  K3CC

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