Re: Sending files from outside fldigi/flmsg

Bob Cameron

Hi Art

Might be worth a look at fldigi-shell. I used it extensively to call a fldigi macro, from a shell script. I did in fact use it to send beacon like data and images at specific (cron) time intervals, but on demand will also work.

Standalone too a SHELL macro in fldigi could be run continuous loop and poll the image folder.

Another possibility is flamp using its auto queue re-read function. ie place the image file in the folder and flamp just "sees and sends".

Cheers Bob VK2YQA

On 26/03/18 04:46, Art - KC7SDA wrote:
I'm trying to write a program that will take a file in a folder and pass it to fldigi/flmsg to send when able

The idea behind this is that I can take a picture with my phone, send it to the pi (thats headless) and it will automatically transmit the image to a command post.

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