Re: Updating Fldigi on the Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspian

David Ranch

Hello Ben,

Now, I was fortunate enough to get a Pi 3 b+ Thursday

Lucky man!

I "thought" this was possible by some updates on the old Pi 3b to allow the newer b+ to boot up.  It did not work for me.

Hmmm.. I've read from other people that it worked fine.  What was showing up on the HDMI display on the 3B+?

>From the new microSD card and the fresh Pi 3 b+ hardware, I started following the Wiki to install 4.0.16.  One minor hiccup I had was getting Wifi to work on boot.  It worked fine on NOOBS but after install of Raspbian it had the wifi protocol set to Angola which needed to be set for the US in my case and then it worked.

I've seen some recent screwiness here too.  Some of the command line tools aren't reporting the country like they used to.

So here is my stumbling block, I don't really understand if from the Wiki "Final Touches" section "Pulse Audio" is a nice to have or a necessity when connecting to the Pi via USB for audio from a SignaLink USB radio interface.  I am also a bit confused by "Port Audio"  in connection with Pulse Audio.   Are they meaningfully different or do they just work in different areas? 

I would say install PulseAudio now.  Like Ed mentioned, they both somewhat do the same thing but PulseAudio is a lot more configurable (aka complex as you want it to be).  For your uses, it will work fine.

I am experiencing that the 4.0.16 install on the Pi 3 b and Pi 3 b+ have different characteristics on the waterfall.  The Pi 3 b+ seems to have weaker audio.  It is there but much weaker.   I have been flipping many bits trying to improve it with no success.  

If the ONLY difference is the Raspberry Pi (and image), this MUST be a PulseAudio thing.  Make sure the pavucontrol sliders are all in the same spot.

If no one else is having this problem then I will assume I hosed the install and do a reinstall.

No, I'm sure it's just a setting your missing.  No need to do everything over again.


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