Shortwave Radiogram, 24-25 March


Shortwave Radiogram this weekend is mostly in the usual MFSK32, but one item is in the twice-as-fast MFSK64 mode. MFSK64 is also fussier about the quality of signal it requires.

We will repeat last week's experiment in which MFSK32 text and an image are transmitted simultaneously: text centered on 1500 Hz and the image on 2200 Hz

A video of last weekend's concurrent decode of text and image is here...

A very cool news-consuming app for PCs or mobile devices could be MFSK only, allowing the simultaneous decoding of text and images, one on the left, the other right, or top-bottom. This could be used on shortwave, AM, or any other radio band.

Details and schedule of this weekend's Shortwave Radiogram are here:


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