Re: Updating Fldigi on the Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspian

David Ranch

Hello Ben,

Your eyes weren't lying when you saw a "visual" CQ on the waterfall.  You can enable it in Fldigi via:

   Configure --> ID --> Video --> "Transmit Video Text"

You can also configure it as a macro.

As for the shamrock symbol, Fldigi might be able to send the unicode symbol for a Shamrock but I don't know if will work
(an extreme corner case and I would suspect that Fldigi only supports basic ASCII text here):

Btw, Fldigi doesn't offer waterfall elaborate bitstream transmissions to create something like this:

While cute, I would argue that's a waste of a large swath of spectrum for an extended period of time.


On 03/18/2018 09:07 AM, alchemy wrote:
Being St Patrick's Day yesterday, I spent some time trying to figure out if the RPi load of FLdig can send and received the symbol for the Shamrock?

Just the basic compiled code, not some alteration to the code.   I think it might be able to do this (unicode and all) but could not get very far on this burning question<grin>.

In a somewhat related question, I swear I saw a waterfall of a transmission that started with an image "CQ" in the waterfall.

*** Ben KE3KQ

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