Re: Receiving computer detects and changes operating modem to match incoming message?


Larry - I believe what you're saying (forgive me, I'm still relatively new to NBEMS) is that the  sweet spot and the high and low brackets on either side of it at 1500 for MT63-2KL   adjust when the modem changes -- is that correct?  (The High / Low brackets being the red, vertical lines on the waterfall.)

Assuming so  - Yes - we experienced that in the situation I mentioned at the start of this topic.  Both for the folks who received and me as the person who sent a transmission with the wrong modem setting.  In fact when I corrected the modem to the right setting to retransmit the message I had to manually go in and reset the sweet spot back to 1500. 

Our group decided the moral of the story was this:  if an NBEMS message is accidentally transmitted on the wrong modem then everyone needs to double check their modem and sweet spot settings and set them back to MT63-2KL and 1500 before new traffic proceeds.  

73, Sarah N6OPE

On 2/19/2018 3:43 AM, Larry Levesque wrote:
Another thing that get's overlooked is if your transmitted signal moves when you switch modes to outside of where thew receiving station would normally expect to see it with the RsID on.

In these cases, setting the "Searches passband" check box would look in the entire audio passband for the signal.
Also if you have the "Disables detector" check box set, it will disable the RsID after each successful decode and you will need to manually enable it again.

On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 10:53:18PM -0500, Charles Hargrove wrote:
A very simple rule is to turn on the receive and transmit ID for all
modes except SSB, CW, null and WWV.  Limit all of your connections to
1500 Hz by permanently setting it and leave RxID/TxID on at all times.

On 2/18/2018 10:48 PM, Greg Depew wrote:
I believe you also have to have Configure>ID>receive modes and transmit
modes all checked.   Even then our group still has trouble with modes
always shifting like they are supposed to.
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