Re: fldigi alpha posted


ThankĀ  you for the report Frank, and glad to hear that your health permits.


On 02/17/2018 05:21 PM, Frank Olaughlin wrote:

We conducted a fast arranged test session using Fldigi- today (02-17-18)

Computers used:

Dell Lattitude E4310 I5 Win 7
Dell D630 T7500 Win 7
Dell E5410 I3 Win 7

VHF 2 meter FM simplex Signals S5-S7

All using Signalink USB

All 8PSK modems were tested on Flmsg 4.05 and Flamp-2.2.03


27 messages and files passed on Flmsg and Flamp.

No errors occurred.


Noted that earlier issues with 8PSK125F and 8PSK250F were no longer present

Despite a noisy signal path, 8PSK1200 and 8PSK1000F worked as well as they normally have. The pilot tone on 1200F has really been of great benefit for some time now

We continue to use 8PSK1200F as a standard for Cape Cod and Islands ARES. 8PSK1000F is our secondary

In sum, alpha version performed well, at least in the 8PSK modems tested. I'm sure others will submit their results for other modems and other features of the program. Thanks for all the great work!

Cape Cod and Islands ARES DEC

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