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Mike P.

Frank, I set my waterfall to 1000Hz because I
was following Dave's directions for testing the
8PSK125F and 8PSK250F data that he had
sent me. Here in the Seattle area, we only use
1500Hz on our digital net operations.

Our current 8PSK tests have been on our VHF
and UHF digital nets, but we have not yet made
plans for testing 8PSK on HF.

We are looking very closely at using 8PSK1000F
as our primary op-mode on the repeater nets, and
maybe relegating MT632KL as a fall-back mode.

Testing continues. <grin>

Frank, thanks for your info, I'll pass it on here.


--- Mike Pompey, AE7XB
Port Orchard, Washington state

On 16 Nov 2017 at 10:55, Frank Olaughlin wrote:

Mike P.

Are you using HF SSB for the lower speed 8PSK modes or VHF FM?
 If you are using VHF FM, is there any special reason you use 1000hz?

My group has been testing 8PSK since it was developed with John Phelps a few years back. We
have found that 1500hz is about the best for 8PSK. We started near 1000hz since we used that
for HF, but found that it was not nearly the best. John had noted similar in testing.

But of luck with your testing of 8PSK


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