Re: No "RF Gain" control on FLRig

David Ranch

I would agree Dave/KB3MOW, this needs a label on it.  I would have NEVER guessed what that slider is for other than some variably adjusted "AGC" which isn't possible on my FT950.


On 11/02/2017 07:21 AM, Dave Corio via Groups.Io wrote:
    Marty, glad I'm not alone in being confused! But, I wake up that way!

    That's why I had trouble understanding the RF Gain control.

    AGC is just the button that toggles AGC off and on, fast and slow. The slide control adjacent to it actually controls the RF Gain. So you can have AGC turned on but still increase or decrease the actual RF Gain.  I wanted to be able to turn AGC off and turn the gain down.

    It's not intuitive, but once I had it pointed out to me it works fine!

Dave - KB3MOW

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