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WA7SKG <wa7skg@...>

Gil Gibbs wrote on 10/31/2017 06:17 AM:
 If you know how to tame my Thunderbird program with Win 10 & a new 'puter, I'm ready. Thanks for the terse reply, I'll delay getting into anything digital, my previous experience with others was just as rocky. No instruction in any item for correcting these problems.
Any ideas?
On the left side, where it shows your email address right above the Inbox, click on the email address. Next, click on "View Settings for this account". On the left side, under the email address, select Composition & Addressing. On the right side at the top, under Composition, UNCHECK "Compose messages in HTML format". Plain text is always appreciated, especially on forums. There is no real need for all the bloat in HTML email. Now click OK.

And, please don't use " 'puter ". People will think better of you. Trust me.

Michael WA7SKG

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