Re: Remote operation with ICOM 7300

David Ranch

Hello Lew,

So your primary issue is to do SSB phone?  Remember, Flrig is only a radio control system.. it doesn't care if you're doing digital modes or not.  I'm not familiar with the RS-BA1 program but it seems like it natively supports remote microphones which is something that Fldigi isn't designed to do. Others have hacked up solutions using tools like Skype, etc. to emulate this kind of behavior but maybe this integrated approach is simpler and more reliable.  I actually don't see why Fldigi couldn't support something similar to this using lots of remote Pulseaudio clients and servers but it wouldn't be "simple" though I think it could be made "simpler" if the Fldigi team focused on a project like this.



On 10/28/2017 09:07 AM, Lew wrote:
If we only wanted to run digital modes, we understand that FLRIG and FLDIGI are fine. The reason for using RS-BA1 is to also run phone (SSB and FM).

The remote operation is necessitated by the radio being on the 10th floor and the club meeting space on the 2nd floor of the school.

As the students and I get familiar with the software, I suppose we would have choices like:
control FLDIGI with RS-BA1;
shut down RS-BA1 and start up FLRIG and visa versa;
phone via FLRIG.

I have posted a similar question to the IC-7300 yahoo group.
So far we have had no responses from anyone with a challenge similar to ours.

Suggestions are welcome.

73 de Lew

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