Fldigi V4.0.11 bugs

Mike P.

Hello, I'm sending this message to inform you of 
a problem with Fldigi v4.0.11, and to ask some 
questions about Flmsg.
1. There appears to be a bug in Fldigi v4.0.11.
We were doing some opmode testing on local ARES 
digital training nets.  The opmode being tested 
was 8PSK1000 and 8PSK1000F.
Nobody was able to decode either opmode. My OS 
is Linux and a few others on the net were using 
the Windows version so the problem does not 
appear to be OS specific.
We did some testing with these opmodes last week 
on two separate digital training nets on different 
repeaters (VHF and UHF) and they worked brilliantly.
But last week we were using Fldigi v4.0.10.  So it 
appears that something went off into the weeds with 
the latest Fldigi version. For the present we have 
all rolled back to version 4.0.10.
By the way, from our own testing last week, we have 
decided that opmode 8PSK1000F is more reliable than 
2. The 8PSK opmodes, both plain vanilla and the 
FEC versions have been implemented on Fldig and 
Flamp.  But the FEC versions are not available 
on Flmsg.  Is there a technical reason why this 
has not been done or has it been an oversight?
We are all excited about the 8PSK modems and 
would like to see all versions available across 
the entire Fldigi Communications Suite if it is 
--- Mike Pompey, AE7XB
    Port Orchard, Washington state

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