Sometimes msgs recv'd in fldigi aren't registered as a recv'd msg in flmsg


I diligently reviewed the flmsg manual and messages posted for this group and did not find an answer; apologies if my question has been answered in the past and I missed it.

Sometimes during NBEMS practice nets I appear to receive a complete message in fldigi but the message isn't "recognized" or "received" by flmsg.  I see the message arriving -- apparently normally -- in the receive window of fldigi but the message doesn't open in flmsg, it doesn't show up as a file in the flmsg "Rcvd Msgs" window; and - most importantly - there is no message file saved for the transmission.  During last night's net I fully received only 1 of 2 messages in flmsg although I saw both message arrive in the "receive" pane of fldigi. 

Why does this happen?  What settings do I need to tweak?  Details about operating system and fldigi/flmsg configuration settings are in the attached file.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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