Re: Audio History

David Ranch

It's also worth noting that these waterfall settings are purely DISPLAY items.. their settings have no bearing on better or worse decoding in Fldigi.


On 07/19/2017 06:18 PM, Ed W3NR wrote:
On 07/19/2017 05:38 PM, P C Andy Anderson wrote:
Hi Ed, in the user guide under the heading Operating Controls and Displays then drop down to Audio History and read the blurb there.

Andy  W3LI

OH, OK, you mean the settings for the waterfall. I think it is explained very well. My default is -15 and 70. You want to set it so there is little or no yellow "sprinkles". You will probably adjust the -15 more than you will the 70. Just adjust for the settings that you want.

It's up to the user what settings to use.


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