Re: FLDigi v. 2.09 Red Waterfall

"cplt102" <nv6v@...>

OK, guys...we're making progress. That changed the waterfall. I'll
go join the linuxham group and look for answers to some of my other
struggles. Thanks for the help!

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cplt102 wrote:
Greetings to the group and my apologies if this has already been
addressed...I searched a bit in the previous posts and didn't see it.

I just upgraded fldigi to 2.09 and the waterfall turned a solid bright
red. It seems unaffected by the audio that is coming in. Version 1.x
worked fine (btw, everything else about the new version is great!).

I'm running Ubuntu 7.10.

Any ideas?

73 de Andy, NV6V
Andy, rename your /.fldigi folder and restart fldigi, see if that cures
the problem. Let us know the results.


Fldigi questions need to be asked at linuxham, its the official list
all things fldigi.

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