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The FLMSG file version that W1HKJ sent me yesterday essentially resolved the problem I was having using Windows 7 Pro.  (I say essentially because on the 8th out of 14 test messages the auto serial number increase failed to work.  Beginning on the 9th message and continuing on it did.

But I also tried Lance's suggestion (below).  I uninstalled both FLDIGI and FLMSG from the Program Files (x86) directory and reinstalled FLDIGI 4.0.4 and FLMSG 4.0.2 in Program Files.  No joy.  Once again, the serial number automatic increase subroutine didn't work.   

73, N6OPE

On 5/22/2017 6:04 AM, lance aue wrote:
To: Sarah

In had that problem with WINDOWS 10 PRO, but there is a reason, AND A SOLUTION [ , read on...]..
Where is FLMSG installed?
If it is in the "C:\Program Files" or"C:\Program Files (x86)" directories, they are PROTECTED DIRECTORIES, and WINDOWS WILL NOT ALLOW files in those folders to be altered, EVEN BY THE PROGRAMS THEMSELVES.
If it is installed there, UNINSTALL THEM.
It is recommended to force the installer to AMATEUR RADIO PROGRAMS in NON_PROTECTED directories, like "C:\FLMSG" for FLMSG and put FLDIGI in "C:\FLDIGI", etc.
It's  a quirk of WINDOWS, especially in the PRO version, and an annoying one.

Very 73,
Lance / KA2EJD

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