Re: flmsg Auto Serial Number


"Failing the cycle redundancy check" ?  Is that more or less the same as saying the message was incomplete or corrupted and/or the check sum didn't match and that's why FLMSG didn't "receive" it? 

On 5/22/2017 3:53 PM, Dave wrote:

On 05/22/2017 05:29 PM, Sarah Dickey wrote:

Hi Dave  ~ ~

The serial number situation was generally resolved with this alpha version.  I ran 14 test messages using different types of forms and closing/opening FLMSG a couple of times.  There was one instance where FLMSG re-used a serial number then after that it proceeded to increase the number count as expected. 

I've attached detailed notes of my test procedure along with a copy of the information flowing through the FLDIGI RX pane and a screen shot of the files saved during tests with the hope that gives you some useful information.

Sorry to say the auto serial numbering was the "easy" problem I encountered during two weeks of playing with test messages.  I'm still writing up an explanation for the other problem:  FLMSG occasionally failing to record a received message that was clearly received and recorded in the Rx window of FLDIGI.

That means that although the message looked OK to the human observer it failed the cycle redundancy check.


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