Re: Future updates to fldigi modems #poll

Ralph Alden Brigham

For my quarter ha-penny -- if it would be possible,  how about down the road both ALE and the MILSTD 188-110A as extra options?
Ralph B.  KG4CSQ

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 1:20 PM, k4pwo <k4pwo@...> wrote:

MILSTD 188-110A


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Subject: [nbems] Future updates to fldigi modems #poll


A new poll has been created:

Please take a few minutes to complete this very simple poll.  It will help the fldigi developers as they plan their work schedules.  No promises on implementation ... wants always exceed resources.


1. Add JT type modes
2. Add CW scanner
3. Add JT type modes
4. Add ALE mode
5. Other, respond in separate posting

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