Re: FLamp block recovery after crash

Bob Cameron

I would say not. (Hoping to be proved wrong though!)

I started a flamp rx session (using a pre recorded wav) and killed (KILL) flamp part the way through. Apart from debug_log.txt, no temporary/partial files had been written to the .nbems directory...

Cheers Bob VK2YQA

On 30/03/17 06:26, jagdkampf@... wrote:

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to recover blocks from FLdigi logs and transfer them back into FLamp if FLamp crashes.  Recently had a drill where a station had all but 2 of the missing blocks but when he tried to report his FLamp shut down and he lost of the blocks he had complete.  Band conditions were rough so we didn't really want to resend the entire file.


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