Re: FlFDIgi with a Kenwood TS590sg

Gary Woods

On Wed, 29 Mar 2017 13:03:22 -0400, you wrote:

I have read, researched, blogged, and even YouTubed.And still cannot get the
software to sync to my radio.
A disclaimer: I have a TS-590S, which has some software differences from
the -SG, but what you need should be the same.

First of all, you need to use Kenwood's driver to access serial control
and, probably, the radio's internal sound "card." With that installed per
Kenwood's instructions, the factory control program should run on your
computer and, pointed to whatever com port the driver created, display and
control everything.

Once you've got that talking, close the kenwood control panel program and
open FLDigi. Set the rig control for kenwood (there may be a couple of
choices) and the sound device for, probably "USB Codes" for both send and
receive. It may be necessary to select "reverse right and left channels"
if you get transmit control but no audio.

In the radio's menus, there are choices for remote transmit audio; you want
"USB." You could use USB audio vox, but FlDi's transmit PTT control should
work just fine. Click "tune" on FlDigi to see if all is well.

That should do it; if not post here with operating system, etc.

Gary Woods AKA K2AHC- PGP key on request, or at
Zone 5/4 in upstate New York, 1420' elevation. NY WO G

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