Re: forms & templates

VE4PER <ve4per@...>

You will need to open the advanced/detailed forms interface window
rather than just default simple one they go through the link options in
the menu to find a link "download forms" and download then from there.

If it doesn't automatically save them to the .nbems/CUSTOM folder you
will have to drag them into that folder then restart FLmsg and select
that custom folder from the advanced interface window. ( You can change
settings so it will always open in the advanced window).

I don't recall whether all the forms had to be unzipped first as well or
not. All forms under the custom folder are just html forms but have a
couple of META tags in them so FLMsg will recognize and process them.
Most of the forms you get from the download link are common ones in most
EMCOMM/ ARES USA type uses so you have to maybe design your own using
one of theirs as a tutorial study so you have a custom one for your
practise or training purposes.

good luck

On 2017-03-16 09:54, Mark Dallner wrote:
I have installed FLdigi, FLmsg, FLamp & FLarq on my MacBook Air. the local ARES group has a small group that is working on getting computers and radios configured and attempting to get messages passed between us using our various setups.

I want to send a message and was looking for the forms/templates and discover the the folder is empty.

Where do I get the forms/templates for the Mac?

I have confirmed that the folder is empty by revealing the hidden folder users/markldallner/.nbems/ics/templates and seeing it empty.

So any help out there?


MacBook Air early 2014 8/512GB
Signalink USB
Yaesu FT-817 & FTM-400xdr

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