Re: windows 10 will not open 19,20,21 fldigi

Gilbert Kauffmann

I downloaded the .exe file and installed it.... When I click on the icon nothing happens...the screen remains blank...

de Skip K3CC

On 01/31/17, Dave wrote:


Please be specific about your fldigi / Win-10 problem.

Can you download the setup exe?

Can you execute the setup program?

Are the folders and files from the previous installation,
C:\Users\\fldigi.files, still on the system?


On 01/30/2017 09:59 PM,
k3cc@... wrote:

I have been in rehab,, My legs still don't carry me for long, so I will start to get back into panbems and ham radio....
My computers have been updated but W10 has caused me problems in loading FLdigi

de skip

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