Re: NBEMS Testing

"ijeh99" <ve4keh@...>

I'm a little too late getting fldigi/flarq and a sound card interface
together to participate in the previous attempts at contacts.

However, I'll keep an ear open this weekend to entertain contacts on,
say, 10137 kHz (+1500 Hz audio) plus/minus depending on QRM.
Anticipate using MFSK16, but will switch to whatever pops up. If
you've got a specific time/freq/mode in mind, drop me a note and I'll
try to accommodate.

As I'm out of town a lot lately, I'm /really/ considering ways to
connect to the shack via the inet. Until then, only weekends work for me.

--- In NBEMSham@..., "wy7usa" <wy7usa@...> wrote:

I could be available this weekend if you like.

My QTH is in north west Wyoming.

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