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"Jeffrey P. Nast" <kc0mks@...>

Roger on the MMVARI. Thank you!

-Jeff Nast

--- In NBEMSham@..., w1hkj <w1hkj@...> wrote:

Thanks for your patience and testing Jeff. I have found an error
in the
logic surrounding retry and timeout counters. I have made changes
the code and am doing internal tests.

The extra space that you see at the front of some of the
is probably caused by noise detection in the MMVARI control. This
occur even if you are not connected to a transceiver. The MMVARI
control seems to generate random rx characters at the trailing end
every transmission. The effect gets worse as the psk baud rate
increases. The defect has been reported to the MMVARI author, but
have not received any reply to my request for a fix or for access
to the
source code to the MMVARI control. The multiple <SOH> characters
you see at the beginning of each transmission are there to mask the
false decodes and also to force the psk afc loop to fully lock
valid characters are transmitted. flarq ignores multiple <SOH>

73, Dave, W1HKJ
NBEMS development team

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